About us

Using innovation and technology to change the world

A group of companies dedicated to driving change

The Flux Group was established in 2017 and has been engaged in business across various sectors of the economy. The group is focused on getting consumers the good quality goods and services they deserve.



Foodlanders is a chain of restaurants established with the aim of providing healthy, affordable and delicious food through our Fast- Casual Chain. Foodlanders has franchises in Oniru and Victoria Island.  Our USP at Foodlanders is excellent customer service and delicious food. Franchises are available in deserving circumstances.


County Support is a business support agency that helps businesses grow. We specialise in delivering consulting services in marketing, corporate communication branding, activation, ideation, execution and more. We help businesses optimize efficiency and practice preventative maintenance. We can help you make your business profitable and effective.


Taylors Realties is a luxury real estate company which sells properties in Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya, USA and UK. We specialise in providing luxury accommodation in high brow areas of town for short and extended stays.


Foodworths is a part of the Flux Group was incorporated to engage in the agricultural value chain. We obtain inputs and production in the field to the consumer, through stages such as processing, packaging, and distribution. We have broken processes and stages of harvest to small units using today’s most recent technologies and realities to deliver best food produce as the most affordable prices. We are involved in the entire food value chain