Foodworths – Wholesale Exporters & Distributors of Rice, Sesame Seed &Hibiscus

Foodworths is a food processing and packaging company that started in Lagos State. The company packages and sells premium food from the farms and makes them available for export and sale.

Foodworths currently has large stock of Nigerian Rice, Oloyin Beans and Sesame seed available in tonnes (minimum of 10 tonnes) immediately available for sale to potential buyers. If you need whole sale supply of farm products from Nigeria please send a message to or go to the website:

County Support – The foremost restaurant & hotel consultants in Nigeria

County Support is the solution the hospitality industry has been waiting for. County Support helps new entrants into the hospitality industry to set up their establishments with greater chances of success. County Support also helps businesses that are already in operation improve efficiency, practice preventative maintenance and comply with COVID – 19 Protocols.

Find out more about the consultancy services offered by County Support. Go to or send an email to Make a decision today to improve your business and increase your profitability.

Taylor’s Realties – Luxury Real Estate Experts

Taylor’s Realties remains one of the leading experts in luxury real estate in the world. The selection of premium luxury properties is extensive and with one click, prospective buyers can see hundreds of suitable prime properties. Taylor’s Realties sells properties in Nigeria, Dubai, Kenya, USA and UK.

To find out more about Taylor’s Realties please visit or send an email to